APRC Application Procedures (Alien Permanent Resident Certificate)

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National Immigration Agency (內政部入出國及移民署):

Note that all the information in this wiki is provided hoping that it will be useful to foreigners living in Taiwan. However, we make no legal claim about the information being complete nor accurate. Check with your local immigration office in Taiwan for the latest and full requirements and procedures.

The forum thread @ forumosa is full of information. However, it is over 100 pages long and it is difficult to extract the most useful information for each special case. Thus, we thought it might be a valuable service to the expatriate community in Taiwan to present all the relevant information in a logical manner within this wiki.

The Application Procedure for applying for the Alien Permanent Resident Certificate [PDF] (source: https://www.immigration.gov.tw/public/Attachment/23717281219.pdf )

APRC Application Procedures (Alien Permanent Resident Certificate) (source).