good taxes and bad taxes 稅務大觀園

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Everybody pays taxes. We cannot avoid pay taxes.

There are good taxes and there are bad taxes.

Bad taxes have a negative impart on our society. Good taxes can help us improve our society.

Income Tax and Business Tax are the two most important taxes. They are bad taxes. Think about it: people work hard to make an income. Then the government comes and says: "You must give me some of your income." The more you work, the more you have to give to the government.

To get the income that managers think they should be paid, they ask more money from their boss. Companies have to spend more money on labour. By contrast, machines are cheaper and they don't complain. As a result , companies would rather buy more machines than hire more employees. This makes many people out of work.

To get a fair income, the government could tax things that have a negative impact on our society. For example, the government could create or increase taxes on all forms of pollution and exploitation of natural resources. Thus, in order to pay less taxes, companies would stop or at least reduce the use of non-renewable resources. Factories would be more environmentally friendly. We would use less energy and we would need fewer power plants. Companies would start to value more the talents of their workers rather than always relying on machine-tools. As a result, everybody would enjoy fresher air and cleaner surroundings.